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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Practicum Report Urges and Bending Wood

A block of wood is usually withstand bending loads. To find kakuatan the bending moment bending test needs to be created. Flexural strength and Young's modulus urged to produce (E) and also useful to know the value of a wood bending test. This test method covers about terms, conditions, and how to test wood, with a defect-free specimen to air dry wood types.
For friends who want to get a test report and urged bending wood to easily create reports.

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Program Student Creativity

For my friends who need material about student creativity program. Please download below.

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Traffic Flow

For my friends who need the material flow of traffic. Please download below.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cultivate Confidence Horses National Competition V UGM 2013

On 19-21 May 2013 a program of Family Civil Engineering Students (KMTS) UGM is an event organized to add knowledge and motivation of students of Civil Engineering throughout Indonesia. This event is a regular event held every year KMTS UGM dah year was the fifth year. In this event mandapatkan tremendous enthusiasm from universities throughout Indonesia. The event consists of a series of National Seminars, Eco House, Book Review and Competition Horses. The long-awaited event that is race horses because it is a self esteem menarungkan university will melombakan material provided on campus and apply for the race. Race horses have provisions that horses are formed of wood, a triangular shape is not symmetrical, and can not use nails, and glue. May only use wood or bamboo to replace nails as pegs.
Any way judgment that has its own criteria to estimate the burden it must conform if it is not appropriate to be reduced. With the provisions of the estimate when the load exceeds diminus 10 and less than the estimated expenses will diminus 15. So, should be estimated in calculating load by using SAP. No less important than the assessment process is also based on speed, given four hours to complete pembutan horses. The faster pembuatanya then the higher the value. And lastly for the assessment criteria are weighing the type of materials used, tolerances for specific gravity 0.6. To better understand the assessment for loading likened load 300 kg, and the weight is 340 kg sebernarnya, then the excess load. Then the burden is 40 kg. With the 110-load formula that exceeds. So, penilaianya ie 110-40 = 70. So the value of the load is 70.
Many things must be taken into account for race horses proficiency level, from preparation, and execution. But, sometimes what is prepared and implemented differently. Factors nervousness and confidence as a fighter is usually lost when the rivals meet on the first and usually inferior.

Fun Working Visit to Teachers' Training College PGRI Semarang and Bank Mandiri

On May 10, 2013 date is a day where students of Civil Engineering, S1 Unnes show his form to develop a science that not only taken from the campus alone. But forging the science of the environment to ensure that science and mempratikkan are in college and applied in the environment. It is good to do things that are considered taboo by Civil Engineering students Unnes. But, with determination to mecerdaskan yourself and to gain experience in the Teachers' Training College conducted this visit PGRI and Bank Mandiri. The first in the Teachers 'Training College is PGRI Hall building, the construction does not use the services of contractors as melaikan usually use the services of self-management of a combined civilian owned by the Teachers' Training College pegurus PGRI. The use Podasi pile with dimensions of 25x25, the piles using quality K500, columns and beams using K300 quality. The project cost around 9 billion within a period of 6 months to be completed, which began in April and September. Now the new casting process pilkab. Land area is 1500 m2 building, the first floor is used for car parking, second floor used for parking of motorcycles, and the third floor is used for living hall and multipurpose activities. Noted there are 100 workers, and all workers have to get insurance. For the implementation of development policies be time six months for checks, and preparation. This project uses a sealed-bid auction, and has obtain the building permit building permit. Future treatments for this building took six months. In this project should demand jobs fast, precise, precision, and does not interfere with the surrounding environment considering the region is the area of ​​study, and densely populated. Projects implemented by planners, supervisors, and executive.
A second visit to the bank projects that are on the road Ahmad Yani. In this project using miniple pile with dimensions 25x25 with a depth of 31 meters. That each pile the weight 8 tons. The quality of piles using K400. There are 140 points that are embedded in the project. This project will be built on five floors within the past twelve months and six months of treatments. The building area is 21 meters x 25 meters, and its land is 30 meters x 49 meters. This building could withstand the predicted magnitude 7 earthquake. Overall funding to construct the project at a cost of 9 billion. In contrast to the implementation of the Teachers' Training College PGRI development in self-managed, independent bank in carrying out the project from PT. Artha Pratama Duta gift. In this project there are 20 workers, and in this project using the artetis well into the 100 meters.
Hopefully with this visit adannya can add insight and experience for students, and can apply the knowledge gained from the campus and then apply in the community. Not forgetting also hope the project is being implemented smoothly, safely, on time, and there is no interference in the implementation of the project. 

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SNI Test Wood

For friends who want to make a report, could refer to the SNI test timber. Expected to be able to make friends with a good report.

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Insya Allah In The Building Unnes

The roads in Unnes not hurt to enjoy a beautiful and comfortable Unnes it. Many students also traveled to unwind from the busy hustle bustle in either college or college assignments. It turns out a lot of things along the way that make it incredible that there are buildings that bernamakan "Insha Allah". There are five locations bernamakan Inshallah the building, which is located in the Faculty of Engineering, first there was the construction of the building of the Faculty of Engineering Dean. Secondly there is the development of Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The third will be built Cultural Village which is located in the Faculty of Languages ​​and Arts. Fourth namely Integrated development laboratories located in Unnes gate. And the fifth is the building of the Faculty of Public Health. Of the five buildings is a building that has not been built that have the initials building Insha Allah. Conversely building no-frills direct Inshallah built like parking deck, and the law school. Unnes officials may establish in accordance with the priority precedence. However, of the five buildings are buildings that are important and very soon built to support college activities. It is difficult to distinguish between priorities and measures taken by officials Unnes. Exemplified only by the building of Community Health Sciences (IKM) is still riding in the Faculty of Sport. People wonder why SMEs included in the Faculty of Sport?Existing lecturers in Unnes also do not know the issues, and also complained to the building Insha Allah. Only Unneslah officials who knew about the problem, and only stored in the liver to an official meeting. Hopefully, God willing, the existence of the building could open the eyes of the heart Unnes officials to build the actual building. And with the construction of the building adds Unnes achievement of national and international arena.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Air Transport Translation

For friends who want to get a translator to facilitate air transport interpret language, meaning, and significance.

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National Security

Every nation has ideals, because ideals function as a determinant for achieving goals. Indonesia has the purpose stated in the opening of the 1945 Constitution, in an attempt to achieve many obstacles, challenges, and threats therefore need power to make it happen. Strength to face the problem known as the National Defense. National Security need to be nurtured and developed to continuous survival of the nation is secured.
In the history of the struggle of the nation, the Indonesian nation has stood the test of endurance, the Indonesian nation is able to repel the Japanese occupation, the Netherlands, to confront separatist RMS, PRRI, Permesta, IN TII, PKI, GAM, Papua Merdeka. Homeland remained standing because it has staying power in the face of threats, challenges, obstacles, and interference (ATHG). Indonesian nation facing problems of corruption, financial crisis, poverty, unemployment, racial conflict, human rights violations, human resources low, globalization, but only with the nation's security could be guaranteed only survival.

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