Sukses dimulai dari pelaksanaan tapi bukan dari perencanaan. Bukti terbaik jika Anda berdoa adalah Anda bertindak. Berperilakulah lebih besar dari pada masalah Anda. Cara bereaksi seseorang menentukan kelas seseorang. Pegangan yang paling baik adalah orang yang Anda cintai dan mencintai Anda


Monday, 13 May 2013

National Security

Every nation has ideals, because ideals function as a determinant for achieving goals. Indonesia has the purpose stated in the opening of the 1945 Constitution, in an attempt to achieve many obstacles, challenges, and threats therefore need power to make it happen. Strength to face the problem known as the National Defense. National Security need to be nurtured and developed to continuous survival of the nation is secured.
In the history of the struggle of the nation, the Indonesian nation has stood the test of endurance, the Indonesian nation is able to repel the Japanese occupation, the Netherlands, to confront separatist RMS, PRRI, Permesta, IN TII, PKI, GAM, Papua Merdeka. Homeland remained standing because it has staying power in the face of threats, challenges, obstacles, and interference (ATHG). Indonesian nation facing problems of corruption, financial crisis, poverty, unemployment, racial conflict, human rights violations, human resources low, globalization, but only with the nation's security could be guaranteed only survival.

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