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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Examples of Open Channel Hydraulics Reports

1. background
To calculate water discharge channel can be used several types of barriers, while its field application in the field wide threshold is widely used in irrigation channels, whose function is to determine the discharge of water flowing in the channel
2. Aims and Objectives
Calculate the flow rate of the speed and volume of the irrigation channel / channel open.
a. Float / ball Pimpong
b. Ruler / tape measure
c. Stop wacth
d. Current Meter (Flowatch)

the irrigation canal / channel is open, the flow rates can be calculated calculates flow rate and the channel cross-sectional area wet. Irrigation flow rate can be calculated with a mathematical formula:

With: v = velocity of flow (m / t)
S = length of the flow being simulated (m)
t = time of fluid from the starting point to the end point along the S (sec)

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