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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Unnes Half-Hearted With Conservation

Imagine Unnes as conservation campus filled with lots of trees and make a variety of things with recycled materials or energy efficient. But, a lot of things with the lack of measures taken by officials in Unnes. Many things have improved and gave a brilliant idea or innovation to provide solutions to the existing drawback in Unnes. Unnes distributed in each UAS KRS (Study Plan Card), KRS has been printed and later as a requirement in the following UAS. In fact, the KRS KRS is useless because it is not in check or UAS checked by the supervisor, should have been listed in the KRS Sikadu (Integrated Academic System) and later can be easily accessed by students. In this way will save the use of paper and Unnes can help to reduce the impact of global warming. If students in the KRS Unnes get a lot of paper to be used and will manambah dangers of global warming, when students can go online and KRS displayed in Sikadu in this way will reduce paper usage. One more unique than kebiakan Unnes namely the implementation SBMPTN (Joint Selection Entrance State University) all citizens Unnes including SBMPTN participants could enter the vehicle to enter into the campus environment Unnes that should not be, the implementation SBMPTN lasted for four days. When it was done as it continues then raises the thought of people who make policy Unnes that is inconsistent with this policy. There is a better idea to make the implementation go smoothly without any violation of the measures taken. Unnes bus should remain helte walks and in every direction or the instructions given as a security guard or a student with an interest to direct participants to explain the plan SBMPTN okasi Unnes which are explained in detail as well as the venue. Involving all parties to carry out an activity without damaging kebijaan it more beautiful. Students like students involved in the Student Association, Student Representative Council, and the Student Executive Board. Students should be engaged to mennyukseskan with proficiency level policy. Unnes way that could be dubbed the University campus is essential conservation.

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